What is Forever Memoirs?

Forever Memoirs tells stories. Your Story.

We produce A&E Biography-style films for individuals, families, non-profits, and others complete with interviews, photographs, drawings, paintings, music, and narration to create invaluable memoirs of the past and present for generations to enjoy. Your personal family history is more important than anything your children will ever see in a movie or on television.


We provide you with a way to document your history for yourself, for your children, and their children, forever.

Is Forever Memoirs for you and your family?

The most beautiful and powerful gift one can leave for their children, grandchildren, and all future generations to come is an oral-visual history. Forever Memoirs will produce a documentary of your life or of anyone you decide deserves to have their life's story left to future generations. Whether it is of yourself, a child, a parent, or a grandparent, these films are designed to inform, enlighten, entertain, keeping their memory and wisdom fresh and alive for all time.

What will Forever Memoirs do for you and your family?

Forever Memoirs will professionally interview your family and weave into that biography all the photos, keepsakes, mementos, paintings, archival film, and music that will aid in the telling of the story of that person's life. We will meet with your family beforehand to develop a loose outline or script. Forever Memoirs will then edit the taped interview with all the cherished elements such as old photographs, films, and mementos that will help tell the complete story. When we are finished, we will provide you with a DVD of that person's biography -- your own A&E Biography-style film of someone you love.

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How is Forever Memoirs different?


Unlike some, Forever Memoirs feels that your own family's history is as important and as deserving of the same care and professionalism that major film production studios bring to the biographies that are shown on television today. That is why we have devised a way to bring you that same kind of quality at a fraction of the price. Recent advances in video production and editing technology now allow for a more cost-effective approach to record all memoirs. Why not your family?

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Why you should choose Forever Memoirs?

Forever Memoirs was founded by individuals whose passion is recording the life history of others. Nothing is as important as this is to us. We provide professional service with attention to all of the details of your family's history. We dedicate ourselves as your partner in telling the story you and your family want to be remembered for all time -- your family's memoirs forever.

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